ストーリー 2nd

第23話「傲慢なアイ」- Episode23 -

総作画監督:門脇 聡/作画監督:富田恵美・山本祐子・大杉尚広・門脇 聡


Episode 23 - Arrogant Love -
Screenplay:Hiroshi Seko, Storyboards:Yoko Kanamori, Masashi Koizuka
Direction:Yoko Kanamori, Yumi Kawai, Masashi Koizuka
Chief Animation Director:Satoshi Kadowaki
Animation Directors: Megumi Tomita, Yuko Yamamoto, Naohiro Osugi, Satoshi Kadowaki

The Moon Demon Company led by Shinya suffered a grievous wound in the battle with the vampires. In order to get out from this desperate situation, they head to the airport where a helicopter was to be prepared to flee out. But, they only found a wrecked plane left at the airport. The team were hopeless after losing their resource for escape, but suddenly Kureto appears in front of them. He tells them, "Thank you for accomplishing the mission." What does he truly mean by this!? Will Shinya and his team be able to survive!?
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