ストーリー 1st

第6話「新しいカゾク」- Episode6 -

脚本:瀬古浩司/コンテ:肥塚正史/演出:安食 圭/総作画監督:山田 歩
作画監督:富田恵美・竹田逸子・安食 圭



Episode 6 - New Family -
Screenplay:Hiroshi Seko, Storyboards:Masashi Koizuka, Direction:Kei Anjiki
Chief Animation Director:Ayumi Yamada, Animation Directors:Megumi Tomita, Itsuko Takeda, Kei Anjiki

Yuichiro, Yoichi and Kimizuki began the Contract Ceremony with the “Black Demon Series” which has sealed off the highest grade demon. The moment they have removed the weapon, the demon began to attack the "most fragile part" of their hearts. Will they beat the demon and gain force, or be defeated and have their body taken over!? The battle between the demon and the contractor has begun in each of their spiritual world. Will the 3 be successful in their contract!?
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