ストーリー 1st

第11話「幼馴染のサイカイ」- Episode11 -

脚本:瀬古浩司/コンテ:宮地☆昌幸/演出:森 邦宏/総作画監督:門脇 聡
作画監督:富田恵美・井川麗奈・胡 拓磨・ふかざわまなぶ



Episode 11 - Reunion of Childhood Friends -
Screenplay:Hiroshi Seko, Storyboards:Masayuki Miyaji, Direction:Kunihiro Mori
Chief Animation Director:Satoshi Kadowaki
Animation Directors:Megumi Tomita, Reina Igawa, Takuma Ebisu, Manabu Fukazawa

Yuichiro has reunited with Mikaela through a time of 4 years. What came to Yuchiro’s mind after knowing that his precious family has become a heinous vampire? While the battle is struggling, a new vampire noble appears. With overwhelming force, the team mates of Moon Demon Company are being trampled. Suddenly after witnessing the desperate situation, something completely different from demon power shows up in Yuichiro’s body!!
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