ストーリー 2nd

第19話「深夜とグレン」- Episode19 -

脚本:瀬古浩司/コンテ:森 邦宏/演出:森 邦宏/総作画監督:門脇 聡


Episode 19 - Shinya and Guren -
Screenplay:Hiroshi Seko, Storyboards:Kunihiro Mori, Direction:Kunihiro Mori
Chief Animation Director:Satoshi Kadowaki, Animation Directors:Saki Hasegawa, Masaki Hinata, Masahiro Yamanaka

To save the members taken into hostage, the Moon Demon Company led by the Guren, launch a pre-emptive attack on Thirteenth Progenitor Crowley Eusford! However, the combat capability of Crowley was far beyond the imagination of the Guren. Guren realized that he won’t be able to win, and decides to retreat…What will happen to Guren!? Will Yuichiro and his team be able to release the hostages!?
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