ストーリー 2nd

第16話「月鬼のゴウレイ」- Episode16 -

脚本:瀬古浩司/コンテ:大原 実/演出:京極義昭/総作画監督:山田 歩
作画監督:井川麗奈・杉崎由佳・辻 智子


Episode 16 - The Moon Demon's Orders -
Screenplay:Hiroshi Seko, Storyboards:Minoru Ohara, Direction:Yoshiaki Kyogoku
Chief Animation Director:Ayumi Yamada, Animation Directors:Reina Igawa, Yuka Sugizaki, Tomoko Tsuji

In order to participate in the noble extermination mission, Shinoa’s squad heads off to Ebina service area to meet the others. However, they were attacked by the Four Horsemen of John and could not arrive on time. Guren, the commander of the Vampire Extermination Unit, execute a simulation battle test to Shinoa’s squad as a punishment. Two groups equipped with the Black Demon Series are to fight a fierce battle, led by Yuichiro and Guren!!
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