ストーリー 2nd

第14話「交錯するカンケイ」- Episode14 -

脚本:瀬古浩司/コンテ:平川哲生/演出:平川哲生/総作画監督:山田 歩/作画監督:磯野 智(st.シルバー)


Episode 14 - Complicated Connections -
Screenplay:Hiroshi Seko, Storyboards:Tetsuo Hirakawa, Direction:Tetsuo Hirakawa
Chief Animation Director:Ayumi Yamada, Animation Director:Satoshi Isono (st.Silver)

After the battle with the vampires, Yuichiro felt strongly that his skills are lacking, and in order to protect his family, throws himself into training to draw further power from the “Cursed Gear”. Meanwhile, the vampires were concerned about humans using "Seraph of the End" as weapons, and Progenitor Council has been held. What will the human and vampire speculation over "Seraph of the end" bring to the future of Yuichiro and his team!?
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